Table of Contents

1-Surah Al-Kahf
2-Self Questions
3-Surah Yusuf
4-Egyptians (Masters of Magic)
5-Miracle of Rasulullah (SAW)
6-Dangers of Being Arrogant
7-No Deviation in Quran

Surah Al-Kahf

We are currently meditating upon Surah al-Kahf and last week we began to understand the first ayah:

We discussed that Allah (SWT) revealed the Quran Majid to Rasulullah (SAW). In this meditation, we will go much deeper into this revelation and discuss the very reason for the revelation of the Quran Majid.

The third word of this ayah (anzala) refers to something being sent down, in this case, the Quran Majid being sent down to Rasulullah (SAW).

The Quran Majid was sent down to Rasulullah (SAW) in two ways.

The first was the complete revelation of the Quran Majid into the heart of Rasulullah (SAW) on the night of Lailatul-Qadr. This revelation is known as tanzil.

The second was the gradual revelation of the Quran Majid, where a certain ayah, ayats or a surah was revealed to Rasulullah (SAW). This revelation is known as inzal.

Self Questions

The first question that we must ask ourselves is why was the Quran Majid revealed in these two ways? The answer is very simple. Rasulullah (SAW) needed a full understanding of the message he (SAW) was spreading, which is why he (SAW) had the full revelation into his (SWT) heart.

For the gradual revelation, there were two purposes. The first was because Allah (SWT) was giving us information and guidance on how we should live. The second was because Rasulullah (SAW) was asked a question and, through revealing an ayah, ayats or a surah of the Quran Majid, Allah (SWT) was answering on Rasulullah’s (SAW) behalf.

During the time of the revelation of the Quran Majid, the Jews would go to the Quraysh to give them a question to ask Rasulullah (SAW). In one instance, they asked the Quraysh to ask Rasulullah (SAW) why the children of Israel ended up in Egypt. Allah (SWT) answered this for Rasulullah (SAW) through the revelation of Surah Yusuf, as Yusuf (AS) was the son of Yaqub (AS) and Yaqub also means Israel.

Surah Yusuf

In Surah Yusuf, Allah (SWT) dedicates a complete Surah to Yusuf (AS). However, when we look at many of the other nabis (AS) mentioned in the Quran Majid, we find that they are mentioned in various places throughout the Quran Majid.

A good example of this is Musa (AS), whose wedding is mentioned in one part of the Quran Majid, the way Musa (AS) spoke to Allah (SWT) is mentioned in another part, the journey of Musa (AS) away from Egypt is mentioned in another part and so on.

We find various mentions of Musa (AS), as well as other nabis (AS) as, through each reference, Allah (SWT) is guiding Rasulullah (SWT) to see how each nabi (AS) handled each situation, for example, the journey of Musa (AS) relates to the hijrah of Rasulullah (SAW).

This leads us to a very fundamental question. Allah (SWT) gave each nabi (AS) a miraculous ability that was relevant to their time.

Egyptians (Masters of Magic)

During the time of Musa (AS), the Egyptians were masters at magic. This is why Allah (SWT) gave Musa (AS) a greater ability at magic, where Musa (AS) was able to defeat them and to split the Red Sea, which was a miracle that only He (AS) could perform through Allah (SWT), and no other Egyptian could do so.

During the time of Isa (AS), the Romans were masters at medicine and healing. This is why Allah (SWT) gave Isa (AS) an even greater power and Isa (AS) could, through Allah’s (SWT) power, heal those who could not be healed and bring the dead to life. This is something no other Roman could perform.

Miracle of Rasulullah (SAW)

Rasulullah (SAW) was also given a miracle that was relevant to His (SAW) time. The Arabs of Arabia were masters at poetry and literature. This is why Allah (SWT) gave Rasulullah (SAW) the Quran Majid, as the words within the Quran Majid are greater than anything that the poets of Arabia can write or say.

In the 38th ayah of Surah Yunus, Allah (SWT) challenged the poets of Arabia with the following:

One of the greatest poets in Arabia was al-Walid bin Mughirah (LA). One day, al-Walid bin Mughirah (LA) heard Rasulullah (SAW) reciting the Quran Majid and was astounded by the beauty of the words. Al-Walid bin Mughirah (LA) went to his contemporaries and said that Rasulullah (SAW) was speaking such beautiful words that it could not have been from him (SAW), but through magic.

Allah (SWT) narrates this incident in Surah al-Muddaththir (ayats 11- 28) where Allah (SWT) says about al-Walid bin Mughirah (LA) that his (LA) punishment will be so severe that Allah (SWT) will give it to him (LA) in private, with no one else present.

Dangers of Being Arrogant

When we look at the death of al-Walid bin Mughirah (LA), we can also learn a lesson about the dangers of being arrogant. Al-Walid bin Mughirah (LA) was walking home and he got a splinter in his foot. Al-Walid bin Mughirah (LA) was so arrogant that he (LA) could not look down because it would be seen as being beneath him (LA).

When al-Walid bin Mughirah (LA) reached his (LA) home, he was too arrogant to ask his (LA) maid to see to his (LA) wound. As a result, blood continued to flow from this wound and, in the morning, when his (LA) daughter went to wake him (LA), she found that al-Walid bin Mughirah (LA) had died because of the blood-loss from that single splinter.

In the death of al-Walid bin Mughirah (LA), we can learn how dangerous arrogance can be and how much we should move away from it.

It is noted in some tafseers of the Quran Majid of how Allah (SWT) challenged the Arabic poets who opposed Rasulullah (SAW). We see how many Surah begin with just two or three letters (for example Surah Yasin, Surah Baqarah, Surah Taha etc). These two or three letters have great meaning and significance, yet when the Arabic poets were asked the meaning of just two or three letters of a language that they were the masters of, they could not.

No Deviation in Quran

Allah (SWT) concludes the first ayah of Surah al-Kahf by saying that there can be no crookedness or deviation in the Quran Majid. We have seen how the Arabic poets and, consequently, many enemies of Islam, have tried to find contradictions, incorrect information and mistruth in the Quran Majid. They have all failed because the Quran Majid is a book that is from Allah (SWT) and, as it is from the source of truth itself, how can there be any contradictions, incorrect information and mistruth?

In addition to having no contradictions, incorrect information and mistruth, the Quran Majid is a book that will never deviate from the truth.

When we look at the Bible, which has had many versions, we see how it has deviated from the truth. In the Bible, Dawud (AS) is seen as adulterer who had an affair with Bathseba. In the Quran Majid, Dawud (AS) is a holy prophet who would not commit this sin. Similarly, the bible said that Yaqub (AS) wrestled with his (AS) faith with God. In the Quran Majid, Yaqub (AS) is a prophet of strong faith. In the Bible it says that Loot (AS) committed incest with his two daughters. In the Quran Majid, Loot (AS) is a holy prophet who would never commit this sin.

We see in these examples how the Quran Majid will always be without deviation and always be the source of truth.

May Allah (SWT) give us all the strength and wisdom to return to, again and again, the Quran Majid, that is the true miracle of Rasulullah (SAW) and a book of guidance for us in many different situations. May this book of truth guide us to living truthful lives, where we always remain humble and void of any arrogance. Aamin.

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