In our previous meditation we began discussing the first ayat of Surah an-Nasr and saw how the greatest victory for Rasulullah (SAW) was when Allah (SWT) gave Muhammad (SAW) the conquest of Makkah, where Rasulullah (SAW) reclaimed the Kabbatullah and, through this, the Baitullah that is within us all (our heart, where our love for Allah (SWT) lives). We concluded how this ensures that Muhammad (SAW) is the master of our heart and Rasulullah’s (SAW) example, teachings, actions, wasilo and intercession is also always within us.

In this meditation, we will look further into the first ayat of Surah an-Nasr:


In this ayat, Allah (SWT) could easily have left out the final word, وَٱلْفَتْحُ (walfath) and the ayat would still make sense both in terms of grammar and within the context of the surah. However, Allah (SWT) purposefully added the word walfath, because it transforms the ayat.

When we look at the meaning of walfath, it relates to opening something that was once closed. The Quran Majid begins with Surah al-Fateha (the opening) and walfath is from the same family of words.

If Allah (SWT) had not included the word walfath, then this surah ayat would simply have been about the help that Allah (SWT) gave Rasulullah (SAW) to conquer Makkah. However, by adding the word walfath, Allah (SWT) has made this ayat to be about the opening of everything.

In fact, when the help of Allah (SWT) comes, anything that was closed will now be opened. This includes any aspect of any area of our life, for example our connection with Allah (SWT) and the receiving of inayatallah (which through shirk may have been weakened or closed but can now be opened), anything in this world that is closed Allah (SWT) can open, anything spiritual Allah (SWT) can open and, consequently, the spiritual knowledge that was closed can become open. Each of these openings is a fath, a victory.

In fact, it is only with the help of Allah (SWT) that was closed can now become open. The first always precedes the second, as nothing closed can be opened, unless through the help of Allah (SWT).

In Surah an-Nasr, Allah (SWT) also shows us how He (SWT) opens something that was closed for us. By giving Rasulullah (SAW) Makkah, Allah (SWT) gave Muhammad (SAW) the only place where we cannot sin. By opening up something that was closed, Allah (SWT) also opens us up towards another level, position and rank, one which is much purer for us.

As a result of this purity, we can see more, understand more and draw even closer to Allah (SWT). This allows us to have even more inayatallah and remove even more barriers that stop us getting even closer to Allah (SWT).

Consequently, this opening of something that was once closed is not just an incident that happens once, it is the beginning of ascension, where multiple openings come from it and multiple elevations occur as a consequence of it.

This is the true victory of Rasulullah (SAW), who opened our world from darkness to light and elevated us not once, not twice, but placed us on a path on continuous elevation where we are constantly purifying ourselves and getting closer to Allah (SWT). This is why the victory of Rasulullah (SAW) was not just for him at one time, but an opening of what was once closed for all of us, all of the time, the true meaning of walfath.

May Allah (SWT) grant us all the wisdom and understanding to seek a closer relationship with Allah (SWT) through purifying our hearts and receiving more inayatallah, so that we can continually open what was closed and experience victory after victory as we strive to get closer to our Lord (SWT). Aamin.

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