During this blessed month of Shahru Ramadan, we will meditate upon various Surahs of the Quran Majid, so that we can become closer to our holy book, during its month of revelation.

Before we begin today’s meditation, let us look at how the Quran Majid itself was revealed. In some ayats of the Quran Majid, Allah (SWT) says that the Quran Majid was revealed gradually, for example the 106th aya of Surah Al-Isra where Allah (SWT) says ‘And it is a Quran which we have separated, by intervals that you might recite it to the people over a prolonged period. And We have sent it down progressively’.

Conversely, in two other ayats in the Quran Majid, Allah (SWT) says that it was revealed completely. In the 3rd aya in Surah Ad-Dukhan, Allah (SWT) says: ‘Indeed, we sent it (the Quran Majid) down during a blessed night. Indeed, we were to warn mankind’.

The obvious question that we may ask is which is correct? The answer is both.
Allah (SWT) revealed the Quran Majid to Rasulullah (SAW) in its entirety, but he revealed it to us in parts. The reason is simple. Allah (SWT) revealed to us the right aya at the right time, so that each could be accepted, understood and applied by us. As we have seen with each meditation, each dot of each letter of each word takes time to truly understand, therefore how could we receive and understand the entire Quran Majid in one go?

Rasulullah (SAW), however, understands greater than we do. Muhammad (SAW) can receive the entire Quran Majid in one night and understand its meaning, whilst it would take us a lifetime to understand a drop of the ilm within the Quran Majid.

This is why Allah (SWT) said in Surah Ad-Dukhan that Allah (SWT) sent the Quran Majid down during a blessed night (inna anzalnahu fi laylatin mubarakatin) and that blessed night is, of course, Lailatul Qadr, as Allah (SWT) then says in Surah Al-Qadr ‘inna anzalnahu fi lailatil qadr.’
Therefore, Lailatul-Qadr is not just an important night for Muslims, but for all of mankind and all of the Prophets (AS) of Allah (SWT). It is the night in which the Quran Majid was revealed to us and, with it, came the infinite wisdom within the Quran Majid.

This is why in Surah Al-Qadr Allah (SWT) says ‘tanazalul malaekato wa ruho.’ In the Quran Majid, the word makaekat is used often and means angels, however, it is only coupled with ruho twice in the Quran Majid which signifies their importance. The fact that they all descend to Earth on Lailatul Qadr signifies the significance of the Quran Majid, as they are descending in respect for the Quran Majid’s revelation.

This is why Lailatul Qadr is such an important night of ibadat for us all. When we pray, our prayers are often polluted by our thoughts, our worries or our lack of attention. Therefore, they reach Allah (SWT), if they reach, with these impurities within them.
On Lailatul Qadr especially, the angels that have descended take our ibadat towards Allah (SWT) and purify our ibadat, so that when it reaches Allah (SWT), the polluted thoughts, worries and lack of attention has been removed.

This is why Allah (SWT) says that Lailatul Qadr is ‘khairun min alfe shahrin’ (better than a thousand months) as the ibadat that we do in ten thousand months may be polluted with our thoughts, worries or lack of attention and, consequently, they reach Allah (SWT) as they are.

On Lailatul Qadr however, all of ibadat is purified by the angels who carry our ibadat towards Allah (SWT), so it reaches Allah (SWT) pure and perfected.
May Allah (SWT) grant us all the understanding to perform ibadat on Lailatul Qadr as purely as we can, in respect of the Quran Majid that was revealed on this Holy Night. May every Angel who descend to Earth on this holy night help us to understand the importance of the Quran Majid and may we, on this Holy night, continue to strengthen our relationship with Allah’s (SWT) kitaab, which Imam Jaffar-us-Sadiq (AS) said was revealed by one (Allah (SWT)), to one (Rasulullah (SAW)) and will remain as one. Aamin.

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