In our previous meditation, we discussed the cycle of glorifying, praising and asking forgiveness and assessed how our ego keeps us within this cycle, where we experience or receive something beautiful and feel our insignificance in front of Allah (SWT), only for our ego to cause us to become self-centered, arrogant, proud etc. until we once again realize our insignificance.

When Surah an-Nasr was revealed, the people who were around Rasulullah (SAW) began to cry. When we think of the message of Surah an-Nasr, that the greatest victory is just ahead of Muhammad (SAW), you would think that they would be happy. However, they understood the deeper message and began to cry instead.

When we look at the normal life of a Muslim, we understand why. When we are young, we are looking to make our way in this world. We are ambitious, seeking wealth, position, power and all of the trappings of this world.

As a result of this, we neglect Allah (SWT) and our spirituality. We see it as something we can do later on in life, when we have finished our work of making our name in this world.

As we grow older and wiser, we look back at those younger years and realize just how much we were chasing this dunya. We realize that all of the money that we worked so hard to earn did not buy us the happiness we thought that it would. We understand that the high position in our work really is insignificant as we can just be replaced by the next person in the blink of an eye. We realize that the material possessions that we worked so hard to acquire are either just gathering dust or did not bring us the feelings that we thought they would.

We look back at how we have spent our life and we start to change. We realize that the only way we can find fulfillment is through our spirituality. Only Allah (SWT) can fill those holes in our life that we now have.

Then, as we get even older, we might get a disease, like cancer, where we now are told we only have a small amount of time to live. We then realize how we have wasted our life chasing this dunya which has left us unfulfilled and how we have neglected the only aspect of our life that is truly fulfilling, our relationship with Allah (SWT).

As our time in this world becomes less and less, we begin to repent and ask for forgiveness more and more. We realize that we are soon to return to Allah (SWT) and we ask His (SWT) forgiveness for all of those years that we neglected Him (SWT) for this dunya.

When this Surah was revealed, those who were with Rasulullah (SAW) realised that although Muhammad’s (SAW) greatest victory was near, the shahadat of Rasulullah (SAW) was also near as Allah (SWT) was commanding His (SWT) messenger about seeking forgiveness.

Whereas the cycle of praise, thank and forgive is a short-term cycle, it also applies throughout our life. For many, we are experiencing the beauty of life and saying Subhanallah and Alhamdolillah throughout our younger years, but only truly start to ask Allah’s (SWT) forgiveness in the latter part of our life, as it is only then that we have the perspective and wisdom to understand how attached to this dunya we truly have been.

This is the great victory and opening that we now have, the wisdom that we do not have to follow this cycle. We do not need to wait until the end of our life to build our relationship with Allah (SWT). We do not need to wait for our final days to ask forgiveness and realize how wrong our priorities have been.

This is the month of our rebirth, the ninth month of the Hijri calendar that represents the month of rebirth, as we are born in the ninth month. This can also be the month of our victory where we purify our hearts of idolatry and shirk, especially from our ego, and we reclaim it to be full of love for Allah (SWT). This is the month that this can allow countless and continuous blessings to enter into our life. This is the month we can reconfigure our priorities, so that we do not leave the most important things to do until the very end, delaying it for the trappings of the dunya that will ultimately leave us disappointed anyway.

May Allah (SWT) give us all the wisdom to understand our true victory, so that we can experience it much earlier in our life. May this victory be an opening to even greater blessings and an even stronger relationship with Allah (SWT). May this Holy month of Shahru Ramadan be the beginning of this. Aamin.

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