In our previous meditation we discussed the meaning of the word walfath, and how it is not just relating to one single victory, which in the Surah is the conquest of Makkah and the reclaiming of the Kabbatullah, but to all victories that are achieved because of the help of Allah (SWT).

In this meditation we will look at this even further and discuss the actual victory (the fath) of Rasulullah (SAW).

When Allah (SWT) helps us through inayatallah, our victories are very small as our level is low. When we compare our position to the Imams (AS), the Wasis (AS), the Nabis (AS) and, ultimately, Rasulullah (SAW), how can we even grasp the fath of Rasulullah (SAW) when our own victories are tiny in comparison.

In this meditation, let us look further into the meaning of fath so that we can see the actual victory of Rasulullah (SAW).

The concept of fath, of opening, means to elevate us to a new level. As we are elevating to somewhere beyond where we currently are, we do not yet know what is at that level. Each level is like entering a new place that is greater than the current, we know it is greater but not how it is greater, that only Allah (SWT) knows.

For Rasulullah (SAW), Muhammad (SAW) was given the greatest victory, control of Makkah and the Kabbatullah and, with this, he (SAW) became the master of the heart of every Muslim. What greater victory could Rasulullah (SAW) receive and what more, above this, could be opened for Rasulullah (SAW)?

Muhammad (SAW) was not only given the greatest of this world, Makkah and the Kabbatullah, but the greatest of jannat too. By giving Rasulullah (SAW) Makkah and Kabbatullah, Allah (SWT) opened up the even greater gift of giving Rasulullah (SAW) the greatest of Jannah as well!

This is important because by opening this for Rasulullah (SAW), Allah (SWT) has also opened this for us, the ummah of Muhammad (SAW). Just as Rasulullah (SAW) is the master of our hearts and of this world, Muhammad (SAW) is also the master of the next world and, as part of his ummah, Rasulullah (SAW) will intercede for us so that we can also enter that which he is the master of us.

This is the even greater victory for Rasulullah (SAW), as not only is he (SAW) our master in this world, but also in the next world. This means that his intercession will lead us into jannat and the greatest victory (which is avoiding the greatest punishment) will be achieved.

By giving Rasulullah (SAW) control of the Kabbatullah, Muhammad (SAW) purified it by removing the shayateen (LA), the idols that were by the Kaaba. By being the master of Jannah, Rasulullah (SAW) will ensure that we will also defeat the Shaitan (LA) and avoid the hellfire and enter jannat.

What greater victory is there than victory in this world and victory in the next? The only victory greater is that of Rasulullah (SAW), where his (SAW) victory is also the source of his (SAW) ummah’s victory.

This is why Allah (SWT) has placed Rasulullah (SAW) in our hearts, to purify the Baitullah within us, where our love for Allah (SWT) lives, so that our heart can be pure in this world and enter into the jannat that Muhammad (SAW) is the master of.

May Allah (SWT) always keep this love for Rasulullah (SAW) and his (SAW) family pure in our hearts as this love is our opening to jannat. May our heart remain pure in this world and be with Rasulullah (SAW) and his (SWT) ummah in jannat. Aamin.


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