In our previous meditation we discussed the greatest victory of Rasulullah (SAW), where by conquering Makkah and the Kabbatullah, this fath (victory and opening) led to Muhammad (SAW) becoming the master of jannat as well. This is the level and maqam of Rasulullah (SAW), one which no one else can reach.

In this meditation, we will understand the greatest victory that we can achieve so that we, in sha Allah, understand what we are striving for.

Before we begin to understand this, it is important that we understand the two levels. The first is Makamul-Wahdaniya and the second is Makamul-Ahadiyah.

Makamul-Wahdaniya is the level that we are all in. It is our purpose to reach as high as we can in this level. Makamul-Ahadiyah is only for Allah (SWT) and no one else can reach that level, as it is Ahad, which we relate to in Surah al-Ikhlas:


Makamul-Wahdaniya is our level and relates to our ability to see the sign of Allah (SWT) in everything. When we look at Ibrahim (AS), He (AS) saw Allah (SWT) in everything. When those who worshipped the Moon came to Ibrahim (AS) and said that this Moon is our God, Ibrahim (AS) said it is not, as Ibrahim (AS) saw the sign of Allah (SWT) in the Moon. Likewise, when those who worshipped the Sun came to Ibrahim (AS) and said that the Sun is our God, Ibrahim (AS) gave a similar reply.

The reason why Ibrahim (AS) could give this reply is because he saw the sign of Allah (SWT) in both the Moon and the Sun. Likewise, in everything that Ibrahim (AS) saw, He (AS) saw the sign of Allah (SWT) within it. For Ibrahim (AS), this world and all of its creation contained within it a sign of His (AS) creator and Ibrahim (AS) recognized this.

What would our life be like if we also recognized this? If everything that we saw, heard, touched, experienced was only a sign of Allah (SWT) and each took us closer to our creator?

The truth is that for many of us, we do not recognize the sign of Allah (SWT) within most of what is around us. We have detached from this and the reason why we have detached is our ego.

It is our ego which places us at the centre, instead of Allah (SWT). This is what stops us from experiencing the sign of Allah (SWT) in everything and prevents us from getting closer to Allah (SWT).

This is why our greatest victory and opening, our own personal fath, is the taming of our ego. It is by removing that which prevents us from experiencing the sign of Allah (SWT) in everything and constantly getting closer to our Lord (SWT) that is our greatest victory, as we progress upwards in Makamul-Wahdaniya.

Rasulullah’s (SAW) fath saw Muhammad (SAW) experience (not enter) elements of Makamul-Ahadiyah, as He (SAW) got closer to Allah (SWT) than anyone else. Just as Rasulullah (SAW) was given Allah’s (SWT) house, Kabbatullah, Muhammad (SAW) was also given the entrance into Allah’s (SWT) house and unique divinely presence, which is Makamul-Ahadiyah. This is why Muhammad (SAW) is the personification of the attributes of Allah (SWT) – whereas Allah (SWT) is Ar-Rahman and Ar-Raheem, Rasulullah (SAW) is Rehmatul-Alemeen.

Rasulullah (SAW) is the perfection of character and manners, as His (SAW) character and manners are the personification of Allah’s (SWT) names and attributes. This is why we, as we progress on our journey within Makamul-Wahdaniya, strive to emulate the character and manners of Rasulullah (SAW), as that is our connection to Makamul-Ahadiyah.

This is our ultimate fath, our victory and our opening, to rise in Makamul-Wahdaniya to a level where everything we experience contains for us the sign of Allah (SWT) and strengthens our connection with our Lord (SWT), whilst perfecting our character and manners so that we can resemble He (SAW) who experienced Makamul-Ahadiyah.

May Allah (SWT) help us to tame our ego so that we see less of our self and more of Him (SWT) and His (SWT) signs in everything that we experience. May we reach a level in Makamul- Wahdaniya where everything is a sign of Allah (SWT) for us. May we resemble the qualities and manners of Rasulullah (SAW), who is the personification of the names and attributes of Allah (SWT) and is our connection to Makamul-Ahadiyah. May we reach the highest level in both of these, as this is our greatest victory and opening. Aamin.

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