In our previous meditation, we mentioned how Surah an-Nasr was the final Surah to be revealed chronologically to Rasulullah (SAW) and how it represented the greatest victory for Islam, where Muhammad (SAW) conquered Makkah and many Muslims freely prayed to Allah (SWT) by the Kaabatullah.

Whereas Surah an-Nasr narrates the greatest victory for Rasulullah (SAW) and for Islam as a whole, on a personal level, it also refers to the greatest (and most difficult) victory that any Muslim can have within themselves.

Rasulullah (SAW) was born in Makkah and was from a lineage that had the keys to the Kabbatullah. When Muhammad (SAW) began to spread the message of Islam, the heads of the polytheistic tribes of Makkah saw how dangerous this message would be and, after causing great discomfort to Muhammad (SAW), Rasulullah (SAW) left Makkah and migrated to Medina.

This hijrah saw Rasulullah (SAW) lose both his hometown and control of the Kabbatullah, that was now controlled by the polytheistic tribes and housed 360 idols.

In Surah an-Nasr, Allah (SWT) promises Rasulullah (SAW) that Muhammad (SAW) would return to Makkah and regain the Kabbatullah. This means that Rasulullah (SAW) would return to his (SAW) home and remove the idols from the Kabbatullah, as how can the house of Allah (SWT) be anything but pure and clean from any form of shirk?

In the same way that Allah (SWT) is promising Rasulullah (SAW), Allah (SWT) is also promising us. For us, our true home that we must return to is Islam, the religion that we accepted and gave an oath to Allah (SWT) on the day that we were all created in the world of the atom. The Kabbatullah that we must reclaim is our own heart, as that is, within us, the home where our love for Allah (SWT) resides.

In the same way that the Kabbatullah was the house of 360 idols, how many idols do we have in our heart? How many things do we love, value or give more priority to over Allah (SWT)? This could be money, our own ego, other people, certain material items that we possess. When we truthfully evaluate all of the idols that are within our heart, we see just how much shirk that we are committing and how many idols are within our heart.

This is why Surah an-Nasr is the final surah and the reclaiming of the Kabbatullah is the most important victory for Rasulullah (SAW). It relates to each of us, as reclaiming our heart from all of the shirk that we are committing is the most difficult task and removing all of these idols of shirk that are within our heart is the greatest victory.

This is why Amirul Mumineen (AS), who was born inside the Kabbatullah, said:

There is no greater time to reclaim our heart (the Baitullah within us) and achieve this great victory than in the Holy month of Ramadan. Allah (SWT) has already restrained many of the shayateen (LA), the idols, that we are trying to remove from our heart, and we find that already, this conquest of reclaiming our hearts has begun. It is now up to us to remove those that remain, so that this month of Allah (SWT) can bring with it the greatest victory that we can possibly achieve.

May Allah (SWT) grant us the wisdom to understand all of the shirk that is within our hearts, through all that we have made more important to us that Allah (SWT). May Allah (SWT) guide us to the greatest victory, the reclaiming of our true religion practiced with a pure heart, which can only be done through removing all that is base and impure within it. May this Holy month of Ramadan, where many of these idols within our heart have already been annihilated by al-Muntaqim (SWT), see our greatest victory, the reclaiming of the heart so that it is pure and clean from anything but the love and worship of our Lord (SWT). Aamin.

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