During this blessed month of Shahru Ramadan, we will meditate upon various Surahs of the Quran Majid, so that we can become closer to our holy book, during its month of revelation.

We have, so far, meditated upon the first aya of Surah Al-Massad. Today, in sha Allah, we will meditate upon the second and third ayats of this Surah.

Allah (SWT) says ‘Maa aghna ‘anhu maaluhu wa ma kasab. Sa yas laa naran zaata lahab’ (No profit to him from all his wealth, and from his children! Burnt soon will he be in a Fire of Blazing Flame!)

In yesterday’s meditation, we discussed how in the first aya, wa-tabb relates to many who have the same characteristics as Abu Lahab (LA), as they can all be called his children. In these ayats, however, Allah (SWT) is specifically mentioning the actual children of Abu Lahab (LA).

When Allah (SWT) chooses to lower someone, nothing they can do can prevent this. Neither their money or their children can help them and the will of Allah (SWT) will always manifest.

When one angers Rasulullah (SAW), they anger Allah (SWT) and, as we have seen, Abu Lahab (LA) was one who greatly angered Rasulullah (SAW).

Abu Lahab (LA) would say that even if Rasulullah (SAW) was speaking the truth (about Allah (SWT) and Islam), he would never believe him and would disassociate his wife and his children from Muhammad (SAW).

One of the sons of Abu Lahab (LA) was also an enemy of Rasulullah (SAW). Utba bin Abu Lahab (LA) would specifically cause a lot of difficulties for Rasulullah (SAW) and even spat in Rasulullah’s (SAW) face.

The aqhlaq of Rasulullah (SAW) was so great that he would never say anything bad about anyone. However, Rasulullah’s (SAW) love for Allah (SWT) was so pure that if anyone angered Allah (SWT), they would anger Rasulullah (SAW).

Utba bin Abu Lahab (LA) angered Allah (SWT) so much that Rasulullah (SAW) prayed that Allah (SWT) would send someone from his unseen powers (from the desert creatures) to eat him away.

As Abu Lahab (LA) and Utba bin Abu Lahab (LA) were travelling to Domascus, they stopped for shelter at a monastery. One of the monks said that there were a lot of lions near the monastery and this caused Abu Lahab (LA) to remember Rasulullah’s (SAW) dua. Abu Lahab (LA) told all of his guards to protect Utba bin Abu Lahab (LA).

At night, a lion came and smelled each person. When the lion reached Utba bin Abu Lahab (LA), that lion struck and killed him and, then, ate him. Abu Lahab’s (LA) wealth (through the guards he had) could not help him in protecting his son.

Likewise, following the battle of Badr, where Rasulullah (SAW) was fighting Abu Jahal (LA) and Abu Lahab (LA), Rasulullah (SAW) prayed for the end for Abu Lahab (LA), so that he would no longer be able to affect Islam.

One week later, Abu Lahab (LA) developed pimples all over his body, just like smallpox, and died from this. No-one was willing to touch his body in case they caught his disease and three days later, when the smell was so bad, they told someone to finally take the body away.

When they buried Abu Lahab (LA), they stayed far from his grave and buried him by throwing stones to fill his grave and cover his body. Even today, people throw stones at the grave of Abu Lahab (LA) as Allah (SWT) continues to punish him for causing so many difficulties to Rasulullah (SAW).

May Allah (SWT) grant us the wisdom and understanding to learn from the example of Utba bin Abu Lahab (LA) and Abu Lahab (LA) and to understand the power of Allah’s (SWT) will, that when we anger Allah (SWT) or his Rasul (SAW), neither money nor family will be able to save us in escaping Allah’s (SWT) wrath. Aamin.

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