1-Creator of EveryThing
2-Light & Darkness
3-Darkness of Al-Ghasiq
4-Al-Ghasiq and Waqab
5-Cycle of Moon

Creator of EveryThing

During this blessed month of Shahru Ramadan, we will meditate upon various Surahs of the Quran Majid, so that we can become closer to our holy book, during its month of revelation.

In our previous meditation we examined the opening aya of Surah Al-Falaq, where Allah (SWT) told us to seek refuge with the lord of the dawn. Today, in sha Allah, we will meditate upon the second and third ayats in this Surah.

In the second aya, Allah (SWT) says: Min sharil ma khalak (from the mischief of created things). Although many would associate this aya with evil, it is important to understand that Allah (SWT) does not create evil, but only when we go away from good do we fall into the bad, into evil.

Light & Darkness

Therefore, evil is not a creation of Allah (SWT) but, rather, an absence of the goodness that Allah (SWT) has created us with, just like the darkness is merely an absence of light, not a creation in itself (we cannot create darkness on its own, we can only create it by removing light). This is why we seek refuge from the mischief of created things, as it is them that creates the evil, not Allah (SWT) himself.

In the third aya, Allah (SWT) says: Wa min sharri ghasiqin iza waqab.

In order to understand this aya, we need to understand what the word ghasiqin means, as from that we also will understand what the word waqab means. In this meditation, we will look at two interpretations of these words, so that we can begin to understand the power within this aya.

Firstly, al-ghasiq means total darkness and it was used to refer to people whose hearts were as far from the truth of Islam as possible. If we were to personify them, we can personify them as the darkest of dark nights. This is a dark night without any light at all, with no stars, with no lights from any human settlements or from any other source.

Darkness of Al-Ghasiq

In relation to this, waqab means sharp, like a laser. The darkness of al-ghasiq is so dark and so powerful that it can cut through anything like a laser can. Its strength and its impact are so great that even if your heart is pure, it can have an effect.

The darkness of the night represents the darkness of the heart. When we look at nature, the wild animals often come out at night, whether they are foxes, lions or any other animal of the night. Similarly, when we have darkness in our heart, the wild aspect of our behavior also emerges and the wild instincts within us come out as well.

During this dark night of our heart, our ego is chasing after its self-desires, the bad desires that the Shaitan (LA) is tempting us towards.

Secondly, al-ghasiq can also mean the Moon. In this aya, Allah (SWT) has specifically mentioned only the Moon, not the stars nor the Sun. The reason for this is that when we look at the Moon, we think that it is emitting light, when in reality it is only reflecting light.

Al-Ghasiq and Waqab

When we interpret al-ghasiq as the Moon then we interpret Waqab as either an eclipse or the absence of the Moon.

Let us first meditate upon the eclipse. Whenever there was an eclipse, Rasulullah (SAW) would return to his home and pray 2 rakaats to protect himself and others. Even to this day, we are advised not to go out or to eat and drink during an eclipse.

The reason for this is that during an eclipse, there is also a very negative energy that can easily affect us. This is why we stay inside, so that we are protected by this.

If we look back through history, we see that many plagues and wars started during the time of an eclipse, as this negative energy has its affect. It is our good fortune that Rasulullah (SAW) warned us against this and his Sunnah protects us against this today.

Cycle of Moon

Just as the Moon is hidden or absent in an eclipse, the cycle of the Moon also means that there is a time at the end of the month when the Moon disappears, before it begins its new cycle in the next month.

This is a time when black magic and, specifically, voodoo is performed, as that is when those who practice this can take the negative energy and channel it and direct it to do whatever harm it is that they desire.

As we can see, the Moon has tremendous power and effect on us. We see this evident during the times of Ibrahim (AS).


People would worship the Moon as they saw how large and powerful it was. When the Moon set, and the Sun appeared, they saw that it was even more larger and more powerful, and some chose to worship that instead. Ibrahim (AS) chose to worship neither, as both disappeared. Instead, he chose to worship that which is unseen, as that which is unseen never disappears.

May Allah (SWT) protect us from those who cause mischief and evil as they have become far from him. May we be protected from the darkness of the heart that their mischief and evil can cause in us and the wildness that can emerge as our ego chases its self-desires. May we remain protected from the power of the Moon and the negative energy when it is gone, especially during an eclipse or just before the new Moon that starts a new lunar month. May we be protected from those who channel and use that negative energy and from the harm that it can cause us. Aamin.

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