We have completed our meditations on Surah al-Alaq and we will now meditate upon Surah an-Nasr.

Whereas Surah al-Alaq was the first Surah to be revealed to Rasulullah (SAW), Surah an-Nasr was the final Surah to be revealed.

In Surah al-Alaq, we saw how Abu Jahl (LA) tried to stop Rasulullah (SAW) from praying by the Kaaba. Allah (SWT) ordered Muhammad (SAW), as an individual person, to disobey Abu Jahl (LA) and pray by the Kaaba.

In Surah an-Nasr, the final Surah, Allah (SWT) informs Rasulullah (SAW) that he (SWT) will be victorious and multitudes of Muslims will pray by the Kaaba.

From this alone, we can see the entire journey of Rasulullah (SAW) and of Islam, throughout the revelation of the Quran Majid.

The first Surah mentions how one individual, Rasulullah (SAW) is trying to be stopped from praying by the Kaaba. The final Surah mentions how many Muslims will freely pray by the Kaaba, subhanallah.

Through this, the chronological revelation of the Quran Majid, we see the victory of Allah (SWT), his messenger (SAW) and of Islam.

In a similar way, when we look at the Quran Majid that we read today, we see that it begins with the first Surah, Surah al-Fateha, which shows us the true glory of Allah (SWT), who gives us Rahman and Raheem from the start of creation until the final day.

Likewise, the Quran Majid that we read today ends with Surah an-Nas (the people). This shows the connection between Allah (SWT) in the very first Surah, to us, in the very last Surah.

In both of these orders, we see the victory of Allah (SWT), Rasulullah (SAW) and Islam. Chronologically, Allah (SWT) was now worshipped by the Kaaba by multitudes of Muslims when at the beginning, even Rasulullah’s (SAW) enemies tried to prevent just him (SAW) from worshiping there.

Alongside this, by revealing the Quran Majid that we recite today, we too get closer to Allah (SWT), as the final Surah in the Quran, Surah an-Nasr gives us the certainty that until the final day, multitudes of Muslims will continue to go towards the Kaaba and pray to Allah (SWT). This is the victory, the eternal victory, that we perform sajda and salaat by the Kaaba, even though the enemies like Abu Jahl (LA) tried to stop our Prophet (SAW) before and others (LA) in history try to stop Muslims from worshiping Allah (SWT) by the Kaaba.

May we, each time we perform salaat and pray towards the Kaaba, remember how Abu Jahl (LA) tried to stop Rasulullah (SAW) from praying by the Kaaba and how Rasulullah (SAW) was victorious and lead multitudes to pray by the Kaaba. May we be reminded of this victory each time we pray and each time we look towards Makkah and the Kaaba. May we be blessed to perform our salaat by the Kaaba itself, soon. Aamin.

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