Throughout this blessed month, many of our meditations have focused upon manners. It is important to remember that our good manners start from our self, before we can be kind and compassionate to others, we must first be kind and compassionate to our self.

In Surah Al-Asr, Allah (SWT) says ‘watawaso bil haqe, watawaso bis sabr.’ The path of haq is paved with sabr. We build our house of haq with bricks of sabr.

Shahru Ramadan is Allah’s (SWT) month and Al-Saboor is Allah’s (SWT) 99th and final name. What this means is that in Allah’s (SWT) month, he is dressing us with sabr and, through sabr, we are dressed with the meaning and the qualities of all of the other 98 names as well.

This is because sabr causes us to reveal who we truly are. We may think we are a good person or a sweet person, but when we are tried, we reveal our truth to our self. That ugliness or that bitterness that comes out that we may not have known is a sign for us to improve. It is us being able to know our self. Shahru Ramadan is the month of sabr, when we are tested, when we are hungry, thirsty and tired, when we reveal to our self who we truly are.

The reason why we need to experience this, to perfect ourselves, is because the jannat that we seek, and desire, does not come cheaply. If we look through history at all of those who have died in the true path of Islam or those who are suffering today, how can we expect our entry to jannat to be cheap, when their price was so great?

The secret to sabr is to destroy all expectation. The reason for this is simple, our will can be different to Allah’s (SWT) will. We may want the job but Allah (SWT) does not want us to have that job, we may want something but Allah (SWT) may have something better for us. In Shahru Ramadan, our will is aligned to Allah’s (SWT) will and we feel so much peace, once this month leaves us and our will returns to the duniya and our will begins to conflict with Allah’s (SWT) will, our peace may leave us.

The true path of sabr, the lesson of Shahru Ramadan, is to take away all desire from our heart. When we understand that Allah (SWT) knows everything that we need and always provides for us, we will remove that desire. When we desire nothing, we appreciate everything. When we desire everything, we appreciate nothing.

In fact, when we desire nothing, we realise that Allah (SWT) has given us everything. If we ask someone who cannot see what they would give to see, they would say everything. If we ask someone who struggles to breath what they would give to be able to breath normally, they would say everything.

It is then that we realise the true meaning of the first and second names of Allah (SWT), Ar-Rahman and Ar-Raheem, the most gracious and the most merciful, forgiving. When we are patient, we realise how arrogant we were when we asked for so much. Rasulullah (SAW) was the greatest of all yet desired nothing. How, then, can we desire?

When we become patient we realise how angry we were with Allah (SWT) when our will was not met, and we realise in hindsight that if our will had been met it would have been worse, as Allah’s (SWT) will always proves to best for us.

Indeed, Allah’s (SWT) will must always manifest. Whether it is through the path of sabr, where we submit, or through the path of destruction, where Allah (SWT) has to force his will upon us as we are not willing to accept his, Allah (SWT) knows what our purpose and destination is and will ensure that we get there.

May Allah (SWT) dress us all from his name, Al-Saboor, with sabr so that we can take the path of haq and be in alignment with his will and live a peaceful life, as opposed to being in conflict with his will and always be struggling against it. May the lessons of sabr, where we experience this peace, remain with us for the rest of the year, as opposed to the desires of duniya tempting us away from this path. May this sabr lead to us expecting nothing and appreciating everything and, through this, asking for forgiveness for asking for more than we need before appreciating all that we have. May this peace of Shahru Ramadan remain with us until next Shahru Ramadan. Aamin.

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