We are currently meditating on Surah an-Nasr and today we will begin to understand the second ayat of this Surah. Each Surah, and each ayat within each Surah, contains infinite wisdom and as Allah (SWT) has said, if all of the oceans were ink and all of the trees were pens, they would run out before the understanding of Allah’s (SWT) words would be complete. Therefore, these meditations are but simple drops into the infinite wisdom within each Surah and within each ayat.

In this meditation, we will begin to understand the second ayat of Surah an-Nasr:


Before Rasulullah (SAW) conquered Makkah, people would enter Islam individually. You would find one person from one tribe entering Islam and then another person from another tribe entering and this is how Islam grew; slowly and individually.

In this ayat, Allah (SWT) informed Rasulullah (SAW) that this will change. Instead of people entering Islam individually, one at a time from each tribe, now entire tribes themselves will enter Islam as groups of people would all accept the calling of Allah (SWT) at the same time.

When Rasulullah (SAW) conquered Makkah, what happened? The polytheistic Quraysh all accepted Islam, including Abu Sufyan (LA). It is narrated that at this time, there was not one person left in Makkah who had not accepted Islam. The entire polytheistic city, that had driven Rasulullah (SAW) out, had now welcomed in the religion that Muhammad (SAW) had brought to us from Allah (SWT). Subhanallah!

When we understand this even deeper, we realise the reason why. It is Allah (SWT) who gives us all the power and guides us onto the right path. How merciful is Allah (SWT) that He (SWT) guided all of those who opposed Rasulullah (SAW) towards the true path and towards receiving the intercession of Muhammad (SAW)?

When we look at the world today, we see that this is just as evident in our current time. When people enter Islam, they do not enter alone. Groups of people enter together, communities enter together, and, in some cases, nations enter together!

When we compare this to the time of Rasulullah (SAW), where even when they could see Muhammad (SAW) in front of their own eyes, only a few would individually accept Islam, we see just how far Islam has grown. Now, nations who do not even speak the same language that Muhammad (SAW) spoke are accepting the religion that He (SAW) brought to us.

This is the great victory of Islam, where the Quraysh went from stopping Rasulullah (SAW) from praying by the Kabbatullah, to those very people saying the name of Muhammad (SAW) in the adhan before praying by the Kabbatullah.

This is only through the mercy of Allah (SWT) and through Muhammad (SAW), who was sent as a mercy to mankind. In this ayat we see this mercy, as the very enemies of Muhammad (SAW) were now experiencing His (SWT) mercy.

May Allah (SWT) continue to allow communities, groups and nations at a time to enter into Islam and receive His (SWT) mercy and the intercession of His (SWT) nabi, Muhammad (SAW). May we be blessed to visit Makkah and pray by the Kabbatullah, with the appreciation and understanding of the significance of the Kabbatullah and of how groups and groups of people all pray by it. Aamin.



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